Rise of the Battleships: Pre-dreadnought Naval Battle

This Tuesday (21st June) at the Minehead Wargames club I was given a chance to give my new pre-dreadnought naval rules and scratch built ship miniatures a test run.

The game involved two small fleets from non-specific nations engaging in a small battle between three small islands. An enjoyable game was had by all and the game provided me with a good chance to play test my rules.

The rules worked well however the game highlighted a number of minor issues which will lead to amendments to the rules. For example I will need to reduce the levels of damage that each successful hit inflicted. During our games ships were seriously damaged and sunk a little too quickly. On the other hand it did provide for an exciting and dramatic battle!


One thought on “Rise of the Battleships: Pre-dreadnought Naval Battle

  1. Looks very cool. Years ago I devised a set of “1895-1920” era naval wargame rules and assembled some balsa wood models to play them with. An interesting period with a lot of technical changes throughout – challenging to get the balance right for wargaming but rewarding at all levels nonetheless.


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