WWIII – Battle of the Atlantic

This was a  game I put on at the Minehead Wargames club a couple of months ago. The game used my collection of 1/3000 scale ships (Mostly Davco) and 1/600 aircraft (tumbling Dice). The rules we used were “Missiles at Sea” based on the WWII set “Victory at Sea” from Mongoose Publishing. While not the most accurate or realistic simulation of modern naval combat, the rules provide a good fun, dramatic game.

The scenario involved a NATO carrier battle group being tasked with safely escorting a merchant convoy transporting vital war supplies for the land war raging in Europe across the table to safety.

While the NATO fleet managed to sink most of the Soviet surface ships, the land based soviet aircraft managed to cause major damage to the NATO air power, leaving the way open for a sneak attack from an Oscar class submarine which destroyed most of the NATO fleet with its SSMs leaving the merchant convoy easy pickings.

Many thanks to Paul Davies for taking the photos.


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