WWII: Sink the Tirpitz!

This game was played at my local club a few weeks ago. We used the Victory at Sea rules from Mongoose Publishing using my collection of Davco 1/3000 ships and Tumbling Dice 1/600 aircraft.

The game consisted of a fictional scenario in which a damaged Tirpitz had escaped an earlier engagement and was current taking on bunkers from an oiler somewhere in the North Atlantic. A Royal Navy squadron was hot in pursuit while a Kriegsmarine relief force was also making full speed towards the area.

Combined surface and air attacks by the British Ships and Swordfish and Fulmar aircraft of HMS Ark Royal  managed to cause enough damage to sink the Tirpitz before the German relief force could get into effective range.  Although Tirpitz was sunk the by  British ships she put a valiant fight inflicting heavy damage on the British fleet.


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