Cold War Commander – Soviet Attack!

Last night at the Minehead wargames club I put on a game of Cold War Commander. The scenario was set on the West German border sometime in the early 80s and involved the soviets making their initial advance on the border.

The soviet armoured force rapidly advanced towards the border with the T72s taking up firing positions while the infantry in their BMPs brought up the rear. British armoured infantry made an initial advance to take up positions in the village at the center of the table but came under heavy soviet tank fire losing two FV432 APCs. Meanwhile the Chieftain tanks advanced on both flanks with one formation crossing the open fields to the South and the other entering the industrial area to the North where they came under heavy fire from the soviet T72s.

The soviet advance was halted by the arrival of British aircraft and a series of devastating artillery barrages from the British 155mm artillery guns. Meanwhile failed command rolls meant that the Soviets failed to successfully request their air and artillery support. The damage from the British artillery was followed up by heavy fire from the Chieftain tanks, knocking out a large section of the soviet force pushing the Soviets past their  break point and winning the battle.

This was only my second time playing these rules and I can defiantly give them a thumbs up. I especially like the command and activation system as it can provide for some difficult tactical challenges especially when your units fail to move when ordered, accurately simulating the chaos of  a real battle.

A fun game was had by all and id like to give my thanks to the Minehead wargames club and my opponent Mark (who took control of the Soviets) for an excellent game.



Cold War Commander rules used for this game


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