Naval Command AAR

Last night at the Minehead wargame club I ran a game using my new Modern Naval rules “Naval Command”. It was a good chance to give the rules a further test run and highlight any amendments that need to be made.

The game began with two opposing carrier taskgroups (Russian and British) cautiously sailing towards each over. The Russians were first to launch AEW helicopter gaining some vital early detections of t eh British Fleet. This allowed the lurking Oscar class submarines to launch a devastating missile attack on the British carrier, blowing her out of the water.

The game continued with exchanges of missile fire causing severe damage to both fleets. The lack of a pre-planned scenario did however lead to the game ending in a draw as both sides ran out of available missiles.

Overall a fun game was had by all participants. My rules seemed to work pretty well, a few tweaks will need to be made but nothing major, I will update the updated rules to the downloads page in due course.

Many thanks to the players of the game Paul and John.


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