Dad’s Army

Last night at the Minehead Wargames Club Dan Owen put on a game of Bolt Action including his excellently painted set of Dads Army figures.

The scenario involved a Winston Churchill lookalike visiting Walmington-on-Sea as part of a PR exercise, news of this however had been intercepted by the Germans who thought that it was the real Churchill. A crack team of paratroopers was promptly flown in to Walmington with orders to kill “Churchill” who was under the guard of the plucky Home Guard led by Captain Mainwairing.

The Home Guard mission was to safely escort the “pretend” Churchill to the safety of the local church (much to the protestations of the Verger who was heard to say “the vicar wont like this!”).

The Home Guard won the day, although a valiant Sergeant Wilson didn’t survive the encounter but Corporal Jones definitely managed to give the Germans a taste of the cold steel… They don’t like it up em!

Medals all round for the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard!

Miniatures from the collection of Dan Owen and scenery by Paul Davies.


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Army

  1. Thanks, although I can only really take credit as a photography (and not a great one at that) the miniatures were the work of one of our club members Dan and the scenery was created by Paul Davies.


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