Naval Command – Amphibious Operation – AAR

Last night at the Minehead wargames club I ran a game using my new modern naval rules Naval Command. The scenario involved a British invasion task group and soviet defended. The British Mission was to get their assault ship to the coast of an island and disembark the land forces on board.

The game made use of hidden deployment with blinds and decoys.

The British claimed an early kill when they knocked out a Soviet cruiser with Exocett missile fired from their Leander class frigate however the tide soon turned against them with the arrival of the soviet air force.

Soviet helicopters managed to detect the bulk of the British fleet and most importantly identified the assault ship. A large air strike involving strike jets and bombers was subsequently launched. Despite an admiral air defence put up by the surrounding British ships, the assault ship was obliterated.

As the assault ship had been destroyed the British could no longer succeed in their mission, therefore the game ended there.

As a play test game it was interesting to see how the rules fared. The game went really well, the rules proved easy for the players to pick up and provided a good outcome in a relatively short space of time (under 2 hours in this case).


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