Eye in the Sky: Drones in Wargaming

Last night i watched the movie Eye in the Sky, recently out on DVD. The film is about the use of drones (in the case of the movie a Reaper armed with hellfire missiles) and tackles many of the legal, ethical and political issues regarding the use of drones.

An excellent and thought provoking film with excellent performances from the late Alan Rickman, Helen Mirren and Aaron Paul.

The film got me thinking about using modern drones in wargames.

One example that i have come across so far is in the rules Force on Force that uses UAVs to prevent enemy out of contact movement but have no offensive capability.

My own rules Fireteam Modern have basic rules for Drones and UAVs but only treats them as additional air support, used in a similar way as helicopters.

It would be interesting to play a wargame in which players must control a drone to carry out a strike mission on a terrorist target while following modern rules of engagement and having to consider collateral damage such as civilian casualties.

Victory conditions for such a game would not simply be based on whether the mission is completed but would also take in to account civilian casualties and the subsequent political fall out.


Eye in the Sky on IMDB


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