Migs in the Desert – Target Locked-On AAR

Somewhere in the middle-east two fictional nations are at war fighting over an oil rich stretch of desert. While tanks roll across the desert below and the battle rages in the skies two Mig 19s are on an intercept mission..

This game pitted two Mig 19s armed with guns and rocket pods against two A4 Skyhawks armed with guns and Sidewinder missiles.


Mig 19s closing in on their target

One of the Skyhawks managed to get an early radar lock on one of the Migs and promptly fired both of its Sidewinder missiles. One missed bun one hit home causing 4 points of damage.


One of the Migs takes a hit from a Sidewinder Missile

The Mig with only 1 damage point remaining failed its morale check and withdrew from the battle leaving his wing-man to face the two Skyhawks alone.


The damaged Mig “Bugs Out”. The remaining Mig fires its rockets at an approaching A4#

In a last ditch effort to take out the A4s the remaining Mig  fired a hail of rockets at one of the A4sbut due to the inaccuracy of the un0guided rockets only caused minor damage. The other A4 over shot the Mig but carried out a series of manoeuvres bringing the lone Mig into the arc of fire of its gun and unleashed a hail of 20mm bullets scoring a lucky critical hit on the Mig causing it to explode mid-air.


Target Locked-On! – AAR

On Tuesday night at the Minehead Wargame club myself and Paul Davies played a small air battle using my new modern air wargame rule Target Locked-On.

The scenario we played was a basic interception scenario from the rules. The narrative was that an American B52 was on a clandestine mission above the Soviet Union being escorted by two F14 fighters. The Soviets had orders to intercept and destroy this force.

The US force comprised of 2 F14 Tomcats and a single B52 Stratofortress that was also the objective for the opposing player. The US mission was to safely escort the B52 across the table.

The Soviet force comprised of two SU-27 Flankers. The Soviet mission was to intercept and shoot down the B52.

Early on in the game one of the F14s got a lucky missile hit on one of the SU-27s causing critical damage that resulted in the SU-27s engines stalling. The pilot failed to bring his aircraft back under control and crashed, a fairly early boost for the Americans.

This positive start was soon forgotten when the tables began to turn for the Americans. Some excellent dogfighting from the Russians left one of the F14s critically low on fuel and forced to bug out. The remaining F14 took a hit from a Soviet missile, knocking out its controls forcing it to fly straight of the table.

This turn of events left the B52 totally unprotected and easy picking for the two Soviet fighters. A Soviet victory!

Apologies for the lack of photos.. We were too busy playing!

The Mighty Kirov

Russian battlecruiser Pyotr Velikiy

Interesting to read that the Russian Navy is bringing a second Kirov class nuclear powered battlecruiser, the Admiral Nakhimov, back into commission after being laid up for over 15 years.

The overhaul will be completed with the ship set to be returned to the fleet in 2019.

These refitted Kirov class battlecruisers will reportedly feature a whole new suite of sensors weapon systems.

Russia’s TASS news agency reports that the ships will receive totally updated multipurpose vertical launch systems, making these ships capable of carrying a much wider variety of anti-ship missiles and many more of them.