Naval Command – Solo

One question I have been asked a lot recently is: are my rules able to be used for solo play? The short answer would be yes, I’ve played them solo many times myself, however this got me thinking about ways that I could make a more satisfying solo gaming experience using the Naval Command system.

This post suggests some additional game rules that allow the enemy fleet to act independently from the solo player.

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By using the optional rules for hidden deployment using blinds the solo player can deploy enemy forces in such a way as they do not now the exact location of the ships. Before the ship and decoy markers are placed on the table they can be shuffled, then deployed.

Enemy Reconnaissance

During the early stages of the game the enemy will most likely launch AEW or ASW aircraft to attempt to detect the players forces.

Roll 1 d6 to determine the number of AEW aircraft the enemy launches. The launch point can be designated as a position in the rough centre of the enemy fleet. This prevents the player from identifying the enemy ships. Once launched the AEW will head for the nearest target bind marker and systematically try to detect the players ships one by one.

Enemy Reaction

When playing solo the enemies reaction to detection and attacks must be determined.

When the enemy successfully detects one of the players ships or submarines roll 1d6. On a roll of 1-3 the enemy will attempt to launch attacks and destroy the target. On a roll of 4-6 the enemy will not attack. Roll again each subsequent turn.

If any of the players ships launch attacks the enemy may immediately launch attacks in response.

Enemy ships will automatically attempt to attack ay ships, submarines or aircraft that move within visual range.

Final Thoughts

Although brief I hope this post provides some ideas for ways to make a solo game more interesting by providing some uncertainty in the enemies actions for the player. I would love to hear any other ideas and suggestions for using these rules solo. Also if anyone has any AAR I would love to put them up on this site.



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