Fireteam:Modern – AAR

Last night at the Minehead wargames club I put on a game of Fireteam:Modern. Mark played as the British while I took control of a group of Insurgents.

The British force comprised of three four man fireteams armed with assault rifles and LMGs, a two man sniper team and a two man light mortar team. The British also had available air support from a USMC Cobra gunship.

The insurgent force comprised of four five man fireteams armed with assault rifles, LMGs and RPGs, two technical equipped with heavy machine guns and a motorcycle ridden by two insurgents with an assault rifle and RPG.

Early on in the game the insurgents inflicted a number of casualties on the British however as the game progressed the tables began to turn.

The arrival of the Cobra Helicopter forced many of the insurgents to take cover inside buildings to avoid the Cobras machine gun and rockets. The domination of the helicopter was however cut short when it was driven off after taking a hit from one of the techical’s HMGs.

This was still not enough to prevent the insurgents losing more men and although having put up a strong fight losing the game.

Buildings and terrain by Paul Davies


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