Flames of War: Somewhere in Italy


Last night at the Minehead Wargames Club I played a game of Flames of War pitting my 1500pt German GrenedierKompanie against Marks 1500pt British Infantry Company. We used the “Free for All” mission from the FOW rulebook and set up the table with a small Italian village in the centre.

My Germans decided to dig in and protect the objectives from the British who led an all out assault on the village. The British assault soon led to vicious close quarters fighting in and around the village. Some poor dice rolling on my part meant that my tanks were no where near as effective as they could have been however my mortars and machine guns managed to keep most of Marks infantry pinned down and unable to join in the attack.

Unfortunately time was against us and we had to call it a night before anyone could make it to the objectives. Had we played on the battle would have turned into a battle of attrition and would probably have led to forces breaking before objectives could be reached.

Overall a great game that really allowed me and Mark to get more familiar with the FOW rules. For tearrain we used one of the Cigar Box Battlemats and other scenery made by Paul Davies . In fact Paul’s excellent Italian style buildings can be seen in a “how to” article in a recent issue of Wargames Illustrated.