Naval Command : Q&A

Here are a few questions that I have been asked recently about Naval Command.

 What scale models do I use?
 I personally use 1/3000 scale ships and for aircraft either 1/600 aircraft or for games with lots of air power I just use counters.

Why do I use this scale?
I use 1/3000 scale as they are probably the cheapest way to build sizeable fleets with each ship only costing a few pounds each enough ships for a good game can be bought for less than £20. A list of manufacturers can be found on the links page.

When is Damage Applied?
Damage is applied to ships immediately. This means that the initiative and order in which shots are fired is very important.

Is the damage rating of guns for the whole battery, or for each gun?
The damage rating shown on a ships data card is for the entire battery of turret firing at once. For example, a Udaloy class destroyers two 100mm gun have a damage rating of 2. This represents both guns hitting together

If you have any questions about Naval Command or any of my rules feel free to get in contact.

Image result for type 26

artists impression of the new British Type 26 Global Combat Ship


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