Armoured Strike: AAR

The first meeting of the Minehead Wargame club in 2017 saw the cold war turn hot with meeting engagement between  British and Soviet mechanized 6mm battlegroups somewhere in 1980s Germany. The game was a good chance to give my latest rule set: Armoured Strike another run. The battlegroups we used were as follows:

British (Myself)
1 x Battlegroup HQ
1 x Subordinate HQ
1 x FAO
1 x Scimitar Recce Company
1 x Mechanized Infantry Company (FV432)
2 x Chieftain Tank Companies
1 x Battery of 105mm Howitzers (Off-Table)

Soviet (Nik)
1 x Battlegroup HQ
1 x Subordinate HQ
1 x FAO
1 x BRDM-2 Recce Company
1 x Mechanized Infantry Company (BMP-1)
1 x T-72 Tank Company
1 x T-62 Tank Company
1 x Battery of 122mm Howitzers (Off-Table)

A simple battlefield was set up with a few roads, a stretch of autobahn, some woodland and a town. We both chose our deployment side and began placing our deployment markers and deciding on objectives. Once all our markers were placed we began the Reconnaissance phase. Once all our forces were revealed we deployed our HQ units and Logistics units and began the game.

The initial British moves saw the Chieftain tank companies advancing ahead in line formations while the mechanized infantry raced up the road in an attempt to secure a nearby crossroads (one of the objectives). Meanwhile the Soviet Tanks cautiously advanced while their BMP-1s dashed along the roads and headed for the same objective crossroads.

This was when things really began to fall apart for my British forces. The chieftains took heavy losses from the T-72s and T-62s as well as the ATGMs on the BMPs hitting from the flank. The soviets managed to push the British back through the town into the corner of the table

The Soviets won the initiative for the first few turns allowing them to dictate the course of the came and inflict serious damage to the British. This was also coupled with some excellent dice rolling from Nik (the Soviets) and some truly terrible dice rolling from myself. By the time the British gained the initiative it was too late, the Soviets held the objectives and knocked out far too many British tanks.

A fun game was had by all involved. The rules worked really well (even though I lost.. I blame the dice and poor tactical decisions on my part). The game moved along at a good pace the rules really made us both think about our actions and maneuvers.





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