Design Update

I have recently been working on updating the graphic design of my rulebooks with the aim to make them clearer and easier to read. I have also created a new cover design that will be used across my range of rule books.





4 thoughts on “Design Update

  1. I am printing the updates for Naval command and Armoured Strike right now. They both look great and just ‘flow’ better. One concern; the British BAOR and modern Tank Battalions are only allowed one Tank company, rather than the 1-3 for other forces. Is this intended?


    • Good! I am going to try out a Canadian Armoured unit (with Leopard 1’s) against a Warsaw pact Battalion this weekend, now that i have finished building all the troops and scenery (Thank Goodness for Junior General and Wargame Vault’s paper scenery sources!

      I have my table set up for a FireteamWW2 action at the moment; US paras vs Panzer Grenadiers, (about thirty men per side, with a Stuart, and a 37mm armed Halftrack for the Germans. Should be a load of action.

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