Fireteam:WWII – Army Lists

The first volume of Army lists for Fireteam:WWII is now available to download!

The supplement includes British, US and German lists for North Africa and Northern Europe.

Army Lists Vol.1



Fireteam:WWII – Now Available!

My new WWII Skirmish rules are now available from the WargameVault.

The game uses the same system as my already published Fireteam:Modern set of rule but with a number of improvements and changes to better suit them to the WWII period.

The game is intended for reinforced platoon sized engagements. Each player will usually command a platoon with a few additional support weapons or vehicles.

TheĀ rules provide fast paced games that reflect the intense and unpredictable nature of warfare at close quarters.

The rules also allow players to utilize real world historical platoon combat tactics such as making use of fire and maneuvers with covering suppressive fire.

The rulebook includes all the rules needed to play the game including rules for vehicles, artillery and aircraft. Army lists are included for late war British, Americans, Germans and Soviets. More will be available soon as free downloads on this site.


Bocage Country

This week at the Minehead Wargames Club I put on a game of Fireteam:WWII. The game was set in Normandy a few days after the D-Day landings. The mission involved a British platoon attempting top capture a small village from German Defenders.

The infantry miniatures are from Warlord Games’ Bolt Action series while the vehicles are 1/48 scale models by Tamiya.

British Force

  • Command Group
  • PIAT team
  • OP Team
  • 2 x Infantry Sections
  • Vickers MG Team
  • Universal Carrier
  • Sherman Firefly
  • 1 x 25pdr Field Gun (off-table)

German Force

  • Command Group
  • 2 x Infantry Sections
  • MG-42 Team
  • Tiger Tank

The Battlefield

One half of the table was covered with farmland with dense bocage hedgerows (seriously restricting lines of sight) while the opposite end was occupied by a small village.

TheĀ terrain was built and provided by club member and terrain guru Paul Davies who has also published an excellent book on producing wargaming terrain that can be purchased on Amazon.

The Game

The opening turns of the game saw the Germans taking up defensive positions in the village including positioning their MG-42 team on the top floor of one of the buildings. The British cautiously advanced sending their Tank, and MG team directly ahead while the two infantry sections moved around the flank.

The dense bocage terrain prevented any long range firing so the first few turns were light on casualties. Once the British reached the edge of the village the action really began.

The Sherman Firefly edged out of one of the fields and hit the side armour of the Tiger with a lucky shot, knocking it out before it could even engage a target. Meanwhile the Germans defending the edge of the village engaged in fire fights with the British positioned in the hedgerows. Due to some awful dice rolling from myself combined with excellent dice from my opponent Mark the Germans came off much worse.

This hammering on the edge of the village sent the defenders into disarray with one section surrendering and the others forced to fall back. To add to the German misfortune, Mark managed to bring an artillery strike down on the building housing the MG-42, killing most of the team. All of this allowed the British to enter the village while the rest of their force could carry out their attack on the German flank and secure the victory.

Overall it was a fun game with plenty of tension and excitement. Once the firefights began the effects of the close quarter gunfire was brutal. If I were to play the battle again I would make more use of the buildings and probably dig most of the defenders in before the game (and roll better dice of course).

Legionary: 2017

This Saturday (13th May) I am planning to attend the Legionary wargames show down in Exeter. I will be helping out with an American civil War game put on by the Minehead Wargames Club, showcasing the excellent miniatures and terrain of Mark Densham.

Although I will not directly be promoting my own games feel free to pop over for a chat or with any questions about my rules, I would love to meet you!

More about the event can be found on the shows website: