Fireteam:WWII – Progress Update

The poor weather other the May bank holiday we experienced here in Somerset has had the bonus of allowing me to make some large steps forward with producing my second world war variant of my Fireteam skirmish rules (although the rain did mean I missed out on the Civil War day at Dunster Castle).

The main part of the rules is now complete, players of Fireteam:Modern will notice a few changes to the rules that have been made to better suit the time period.  All that remains is to compile the first wave of army lists and carry out final tweaks and proof reads.

The army lists in the core rulebook will cover the ever popular late war period (1944-45) for the UK, USA, German and Soviet armies. Other periods and nations will also be provided with lists that will be uploaded onto this website for free download.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I will put on a game of Fireteam:WWII at the Minehead Wargames club and post an after action report with photos on here.

WWII Preview


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