Naval Command – Revised Rules


The latest update to my Naval Command rules is nearing completion. The updated has been based on experience gained from playing the game and comments and suggestions from the community of Naval Command players. Here is an overview of what has changed.

The rules have been re formatted and some re-written to make them clearer and easier to understand. There are many small and more substantial changes and improvements to the rules, some of the most important are detailed below.

Air and Missile Defence

The more defence saves a ship makes during a turn, the less effective they become. This can lead to ships defensive systems becoming overwhelmed by incoming missiles and attacks, forcing players to think much more about providing effective air defence for a battlegroup.

Shooting down Aircraft

When a successful defence roll is made against an aircraft the subsequent roll to shoot it down is now unique to each aircraft type, representing how some aircraft are harder to shoot down and may have better ECM or the maneuverability to avoid attack.

Small Arms and Light Weapons

Ships can now carry out close range attacks using small arms and light weapons, this allows games to involve small craft such as fast attack craft.

Image result for fast attack boat

Expanded ASW Rules

Specific rules are now provided for a range of ASW weapons such as Anti-Submarine Mortars, Rockets and Depth Charges.

Image result for depth charge

Improved and Expanded Fleet Lists

Many tweaks and modifications have been made to existing ship data in the fleet lists as well as new data for additional ships and aircraft.



  1. Hi Rory,
    If owners of the earliest versions will get free upgrade or we have to purchase this new version?
    And when we could get expect upgrade rules?


  2. Regarding the Standoff rules – Does this mean that if an aircraft’s standoff range allows it to be placed back far enough, ships cannot use their air defense rating to and kill these aircraft, and CAP fighters might be unable to intercept them?


      • Makes sense. However, aircraft can be reloaded, which makes their missiles a renewable resource, unlike ship-launched SSMs. You can try to spoof air defenses early in a turn, making a fleet use up their good defense rolls and then immediately follow it with a large salvo of strike aircraft or missiles.

        The trick of course is doing it more than once, since you’ll need to first punch through the escorts blocking shots on the other player’s main ship, and then do the same to the objective ship itself.


      • Similarly, I assume that a strike plane whose standoff range does not keep it safe must contend with the target’s missile defense rating AND air defense rating(assuming the ship has not fired yet that turn and also decides it doesn’t need to preserve tracking resources against possible follow-on shots).

        Come to think of it…it might be metagaming a bit, but I imagine players are unlikely to try and use SAMs to shoot down standoff aircraft unless they are confident the launching carrier is the last ship their opponent will be activating that turn.


  3. Something came up in a recent game: When playing with blinds, the rules say to remove a decoy marker when the actual ship has been detected. What happens when a player makes a successful detection attempt, but the marker he just detected was a decoy? Is the decoy removed, does it remain on the table(and it’s up to that player to keep things straight), or is there a third option I’m missing?



  4. Another question, this time about weather conditions:

    Some conditions prohibit aircraft from being launched/recovered, or amphib operations from taking place. When playing with variable conditions, what happens when the weather worsens to that point, but aircraft or landing units are already launched? What happens to those units?


    • Once they have completed their strike or mission they are removed from play. It is assumed that they have either tried to fly to an alternative base or ship off-table or have had to ditch in the sea


  5. Last question, honest!

    Landing craft, hovercraft, and merchant ships have no EW or UEW ratings. Does this mean that attacks that roll against those are impossible(and you must use Target-based attacks), or that EW/UEW-based attacks automatically hit?

    Sorry for spamming you like this, thanks!


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