Fireteam:Modern – Hostage Rescue

Tonights game of Fireteam saw the German GSG-9 hostage rescue team tasked with the extraction of two civilian oil workers being held hostage by terrorists who had overun and captured an oil storage facility. The hostages were being held on the roof of one of the facilities administration buildings and the rest of the terrorists were spread around the area on patrol.

Early on in the game the GSG-9 operators came under heavy fire with one team member being hit and seriously injured.

Despite the early setback GSG-9 returned fire and began inflicting serious casualties and began quickly moving up towards the hostages.

By the 4th turn most of the terrorists were dead or suppressed allowing the operators to make their final assault on the building and liberate the hostages. Although GSG-9 lost a team member and left with another seriously injured, the mission was a total success with both hostages rescued and nearly all the terrorists neutralised.


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