Armoured Strike


Modern and Cold War Armoured Combat

Armoured Strike is my latest  set of miniature wargame rules that allows players to recreate combined arms battles in miniature from conflicts during the cold war era (from the late 1940s to 1991) or the present day. These rules are designed for playing engagements at battalion or brigade level between regular forces.

The rulebook includes all of the rules required to play the game plus army lists with unit stats for fighting a number of the most significant armour battles of the era, including lists for:

  • A hypothetical Third World War during the 1980s
  • The 1991 Gulf war
  • The Arab-Israeli wars between 1967 and 1973

Purchase the Rules

The rules are available form the WargameVault.



A quick reference sheet can be downloaded here.

1960s British Army List can be downloaded here.