Naval Command Q&A

I was recently contacted via Facebook with a number of questions regarding my Naval Command rules. I though it would also be helpful if I post the questions and my answers here.

1. (page 20) Helo and patrol aircraft movement. Under this heading it says that helos and patrol aircraft are moved at the same time as their base ship (they are activated together as a single activation?) but up top of this page under the heading Movement Phase it says that you choose to activate helos or patrol aircraft just like a ship. So which is it? Are they activated separately just like any other element as the first sentence of page 20 implies, or are they activated at the same time as their ship? (or at the end of the turn if land-based)

They should be activated at the same time as their base ship. I will correct the rules to better reflect this.

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Current Miniature Projects

I am currently working on some Soviet forces for 1980s Afghanistan. I am painting up a set of Italeri Spetznaz and a Revell Mil-24 Hind to provide some serious air support.

The Italeri Spetznaz set is perfect for war gaming as it comprises of simple fighting poses (no soldiers clubbing someone with the but of their rifle) and plenty of support weapons such as RPGs, RPKs and Dragunov Marksman Rifles. The set even includes an officer and a SAM operator.

The Spetznaz Officer and his assistant.


A Spetznaz SAM team. These are nice miniatures but will unlikely see much use in my Afghanistan game (the Mujahedeen were not known for their air support!)


I decided to go for a 1/100 scale hind as a 1/72 scale would be pretty big and take over the gaming table. 1/100 seem to fit quite nicely with the 1/72 figures while not being to unwieldy.

Fireteam:Modern AAR – Get to the Choppa!

Germany – 1985, one week into WWIII.

A NATO helicopter transporting important documents has been shot down somewhere in the German countryside. Both NATO and the Soviets want what’s onboard so deploy rapid response strike teams.

The objective for both sides was to secure the helicopter wreck so that the sensitive documents could be recovered.

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Cheap Aircraft Models

This weekend I picked up a few cheap snap together “combat mission” aircraft kits from a museum gift shop for the bargain price of 60p each.

Once clipped together and painted up these are surprisingly decent models. Although I’m not sure about their scale (I think they may just be scaled to a common size as the F14 model is almost the same size as a mig-29) they will make great wargaming miniatures to use with my Target Locked On set of rules.

Fireteam:Modern – New Edition

FT cover

The new edition of Fireteam:Modern wargame rules for modern combat operations is now available from the WargameVault. The New edition features the following changes:

  • A new system for High Explosive Weapons
  • Improved Artillery and Air Strike Rules
  • Clear easy to use format with rule examples
  • Improved Army Lists
  • Numerous rule tweaks and clarifications

The PDF contains the core rules, quick reference sheet, printable counters and Templates, scenarios and army lists for forces involved in conflicts in modern day Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

example pages