Coming Soon: Fast Attack!

A new supplement: “Fast Attack” for the Naval Command rules will soon be available. The supplement allows players to fight battles with small fast attack gunboats and missile boats.

The Supplement will include new rules for fighting battles at a smaller scale and fleet lists for major conflicts and nations.


Fireteam:Modern – New Edition

FT cover

The new edition of Fireteam:Modern wargame rules for modern combat operations is now available from the WargameVault. The New edition features the following changes:

  • A new system for High Explosive Weapons
  • Improved Artillery and Air Strike Rules
  • Clear easy to use format with rule examples
  • Improved Army Lists
  • Numerous rule tweaks and clarifications

The PDF contains the core rules, quick reference sheet, printable counters and Templates, scenarios and army lists for forces involved in conflicts in modern day Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

example pages

Convoy Escort Mission: Fireteam:Modern AAR

This game was played suing the latest revision of the Fireteam:Modern rules and pitted a small force of US soldiers against Taliban insurgents around a small compound somewhere in the Afghan “Green Zone”.

The mission for the American force was to safely escort a small convoy of three aid vehicles across the battle area.

The US force comprised of an officer, a LAW trooper, three 4 man fire teams and a sniper team. The insurgents force was made up of 4 cells varying between 5 and 6 men, a leader and 2 HMG armed technicals.

Early in the game the Americans took a few casualties and the lead vehicle of the convoy was hit by an insurgent RPG and destroyed. This prompted the convoy to turn around and retreat to safety until the US forces could clear the insurgents out of the area.

Using fire and maneuver squad tactics with good overwatch support the Americans advanced across the table wiping out most of insurgents and securing victory.

Fireteam:Modern – AAR

Had a chance to play another game of Fireteam:Modern this evening.

The scenario involved a small British patrol having just cleared a compound and realizing that they were surrounded by Insurgents.

Having contacted base by radio for support the British had to hold off the enemy until support could arrive (a Jackal and a Mastiff) and then exit the area.

The insurgents took heavy casualties while the British ended up with 4 men with serious injuries.

The game resulted in a win by default for the insurgents as the British were in able to evacuate within the turn limit of the game. Had the game continued it was looking very likely that the British would escape.


More Card Buildings

I have recently been working on some new printable card buildings suitable for modern wargames such as Fireteam:Modern.

Apartment Building PDF

This allows a multi-storey apartment block with balconies to be constructed. The design is modular so any number of floors can be stacked on top of one another.

Embassy Building PDF

This PDF file includes a simple concrete government building, modular concrete perimeter walls and a gate guard box.


My previous card buildings are also still available…

Large Building 2

Large Building


A Mosque built using the “Large Building 2” Pdf and some walls. The Minaret is made out of a type of card with a toy salt shaker on top for the dome/spire.

Walls 2


Small Building 2

Small Building

Naval Command AAR: RAS operation 1982

This is a brief after action report of a Naval Command game I played at the Minehead Wargames Club this week.  The game used a fictional scenario set during the 1982 Falklands conflict. I took Command of the British Royal Navy and my opponent Martin took Command of the Argentine Navy and Air Force.

The British objective was to successful re-fuel the carrier HMS Hermes and then clear the area while the Argentine mission was to sink the British carrier.

The game began with poor weather conditions for the first three turns prevented any aircraft operations (aside from high level AEW aircraft).  During the opening turns the RFA group altered course to rendezvous with the approaching carrier group while the Argentine fleet raced to intercept.


Before any aircraft could arrive on scene the Argentine Type 209 submarine ARA San Luis (note the proxy miniature as I stupidly left the sub model at home…) attacked and sank the Leander Class Frigate HMS Andromeda with a torpedo.


HMS Broadsword fired a salvo of four Exocet missiles at the ARA General Belgrano, hitting with three (one was shot down by defensive AA fire from a nearby destroyer) causing substantial damage but not enough to put the ship out of action.


After its torpedoed attack the Argentine sub was hunted down by British ASW helicopters and eventually sunk by helicopter launched torpedoes.


Meanwhile the Belgrano closed in on the British Type 42 destroyer HMS Exeter and sunk it with a devastating salvo from her battery of 6″ guns.

By this point the RAS operation was complete with HMS Hermes having fully loaded wits fuel and stores from RFA Stromness allowing the British carrier and its escorts to turn around and start their attempt to out-run the enemy fleet and clear the battle area.


In one last attack the Belgrano was hit and crippled with sea skua launched from one of HMS Broadswords’ Lynx helicopters.

HMS Hermes managed to outrun the enemy ships. The Argentine Air Force carried out repeated air strikes with A4 Skyhawks and IAI Daggers that were well defended against allowing the carrier to escape with minor damage.

Although  technically a win for the British (HMS Hermes successfully re-fueled and escaped) the loss a Type 42 Destroyer, a Leander Class Frigate and substantial damage to HMS Hermes from Argentine bombs would have a serious impact on the continuing British campaign to re-take the Falkland Islands.


Naval Command – Revised Rules


The latest update to my Naval Command rules is nearing completion. The updated has been based on experience gained from playing the game and comments and suggestions from the community of Naval Command players. Here is an overview of what has changed.

The rules have been re formatted and some re-written to make them clearer and easier to understand. There are many small and more substantial changes and improvements to the rules, some of the most important are detailed below.

Air and Missile Defence

The more defence saves a ship makes during a turn, the less effective they become. This can lead to ships defensive systems becoming overwhelmed by incoming missiles and attacks, forcing players to think much more about providing effective air defence for a battlegroup.

Shooting down Aircraft

When a successful defence roll is made against an aircraft the subsequent roll to shoot it down is now unique to each aircraft type, representing how some aircraft are harder to shoot down and may have better ECM or the maneuverability to avoid attack.

Small Arms and Light Weapons

Ships can now carry out close range attacks using small arms and light weapons, this allows games to involve small craft such as fast attack craft.

Image result for fast attack boat

Expanded ASW Rules

Specific rules are now provided for a range of ASW weapons such as Anti-Submarine Mortars, Rockets and Depth Charges.

Image result for depth charge

Improved and Expanded Fleet Lists

Many tweaks and modifications have been made to existing ship data in the fleet lists as well as new data for additional ships and aircraft.