Fast Attack – Now Availiable

This new supplement for Naval Command includes rules for using small vessels ranging from missile boats right down to RIBs and Pirate Skiffs.

Also included are rules for including Pirates in games of Naval Command allowing players to re-create modern anti-piracy and counter-terrorism operations.

This is still very much a work in progress, much of the information contained within will eventually be incorporated into the core rules.

The supplement can be downloaded here.







April Update

Currently I am working on the “Fast Attack” Supplement for Naval Command. I have completed sections on fast attack craft, Anti-Piracy operations and Special Forces operations. I am now working on additional scenarios and compiling fleet lists. The fast attack supplement will allow players to greatly expand on the type of games that can be played using Naval

I hope to have Fast Attack ready in time for the Naval Wargames Societies Naval Wargames Weekend on the 30th June- 1st July at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton, Somerset, where I will be putting on a game on the Sunday.

I have also been working on a master vehicle list for use with Armoured Strike. This is in excel format and will include stats for most of the major AFVs of the world. It will eventually be my plan to allow other players to add to the project so that a definitive list of AFVs and their stats can be produced.


As well as all this I have been, looking at updating my Target Locked on rules. I have received some very useful feedback and ideas from Jim Jackman (of Jims Wargames Blog) who has been doing some playtesting (that you can read about on his blog). I’m not sure when I plan to release an updated version but it will hopefully be ready sometime in the Summer.


Fireteam:Modern – Hostage Rescue

Tonights game of Fireteam saw the German GSG-9 hostage rescue team tasked with the extraction of two civilian oil workers being held hostage by terrorists who had overun and captured an oil storage facility. The hostages were being held on the roof of one of the facilities administration buildings and the rest of the terrorists were spread around the area on patrol.

Early on in the game the GSG-9 operators came under heavy fire with one team member being hit and seriously injured.

Despite the early setback GSG-9 returned fire and began inflicting serious casualties and began quickly moving up towards the hostages.

By the 4th turn most of the terrorists were dead or suppressed allowing the operators to make their final assault on the building and liberate the hostages. Although GSG-9 lost a team member and left with another seriously injured, the mission was a total success with both hostages rescued and nearly all the terrorists neutralised.

Fireteam:Modern – Afghanistan 1980

A platoon of Spetznaz have been tasked with clearing a village of Mujahadeen fighters. The Russians are suppoted by a BRDM-2 armoured car and a Mil-24 Hind standing by as air support.

Photo 25-03-2018, 18 25 27

The game began with the BRDM making a Recce move, racing upp the road and securing one of the enemy “flashpoints” these double as both objectives and deployment points for the Mujahadeen. The rest of the Spetznaz caustioulsy advanced accross the popypy fields towards the enemy held buildings.

During the secont turn an insurgent technical arrived but was proptly knocked out by the BRDM’s heavy machine gun. Meanwhile the Spetznaz occupied a group of buildings at the edge of the village and began laying down heavy fire on the Afghan held main compound.

The heavy gun fire inflicted minor casualties on the Mujahadeen however most kept their heads down and stayed hidden behind cover.

At this point the Russians succesfully requested their air support. The next turn the Hind arrived and began firing salvos from its rocket pods into the main Mujahadeen held compound.

Photo 25-03-2018, 19 26 20

The Hind wiped out nearly all of the fighters occupying the compound before being driven off by one of the Mujahadeen’s Stinger missiles. This however was too little to late, the Afghans had taken serious casualties and were no longer able to hold the objectives.

March Update

The last month has been fairly busy both with gaming, writing modeling an painting.. as well as the usual hectic schedule with the kids.

A new supplement for Fireteam:Modern is now available on WargameVault. This book allows players to recreate actions from the recent war in Afghanistan as well as the Soviet Afghan War of the 1980s.


On the modeling and painting front I recently bought a set of 1/72 scale Chechen Rebels from Orion Models. This is a decent little set of models with some unique and interesting poses. I intend to use these in games against Federal Russian troops, however many of the figures will also be useable as Tier-1 fighters in Afghanistan games.


Currently in the pipeline are a few small changes to the Fireteam:Modern rules including revised weapon stats  and updated points costs for units. These will be published on this site as a free amendment to the core rules (they will also be incorporated into the digital version of the rules on WargameVault).

Naval Command Q&A

I was recently contacted via Facebook with a number of questions regarding my Naval Command rules. I though it would also be helpful if I post the questions and my answers here.

1. (page 20) Helo and patrol aircraft movement. Under this heading it says that helos and patrol aircraft are moved at the same time as their base ship (they are activated together as a single activation?) but up top of this page under the heading Movement Phase it says that you choose to activate helos or patrol aircraft just like a ship. So which is it? Are they activated separately just like any other element as the first sentence of page 20 implies, or are they activated at the same time as their ship? (or at the end of the turn if land-based)

They should be activated at the same time as their base ship. I will correct the rules to better reflect this.

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