Fireteam:WWII is a set of wargame rules for recreating small battles during the second world war. The game uses the same system as my already published Fireteam:Modern set of rule but with a number of improvements and changes to better suit them to the WWII period.

The game is intended for reinforced platoon sized engagements. Each player will usually command a platoon with a few additional support weapons or vehicles.


The rules provide fast paced games that reflect the intense and unpredictable nature of warfare at close quarters.

Activation of units is determined by random card draw however each player has a hand of five cards (more if specific recce units are in play) that can be used to override the opponents activation. This makes for a tense and unpredictable sequence of play.


The rules also allow players to utilize real world historical platoon combat tactics such as making use of fire and maneuvers with covering suppressive fire.

Combat uses a straightforward set of d6 based mechanics in which figures are either become casualties or become suppressed. Firefights tend to be fast, intense and deadly forcing players to carefully consider their actions and tactics.


The rulebook includes all the rules needed to play the game including rules for vehicles, artillery and aircraft. Army lists are included for late war British, Americans, Germans and Soviets. More will be available soon as free downloads.