Free Middle East Card Buildings

I have produced a number of printable card middle east style buildings for use with my Fireteam:Modern rules.

The buildings are designed  for 20mm (1/72) scale miniatures. For smaller scales players can print them scaled down in size.

The buildings are available as free PDF downloads below.


Large Building


Small Building

Small Building 2

Large Building

Large Building 2


Walls 2


Fireteam:Modern – Clearance Mission AAR

Elements of a British Army platoon were tasked with clearing an area of Insurgents.

The British Force

The British force consisted of a command team and two fire teams armed with SA80s and Minimi LMGs. Supporting the platoon is a Jackal armoured vehicle armed with a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.


The Insurgent Force

The insurgent force was made up of 4 cells armed with AK47s and RPGs, a sniper and a technical armed with a HMG.



The Battlefield

The Battle

The British fire teams cautiously advanced towards the occupied buildings.



The insurgents laid down high volumes of fire from their protected positions on the rooftop so, suppressing the British infantry in the street below.

The  jackal was knocked out in a hail of RPG fire from the rooftops.

By the final turn the British had taken heavy casualties and were forced to withdraw from the area.

The British lack of fire and air support combined with the insurgents effective use of hidden movement allowing them to take up good firing positions led to the insurgent victory.


Naval Command in Print! – Available from

A few days ago I received a hard copy of my Naval Command rules from the print on demand website  The book itself is a 96 page paperback A4 with black and white inside pages (this keeps the printing costs down) and is available for the bargain price of £15.00. The rulebook contains all the rules needed to play the game and fleet lists for a range of nations.

Nav Com book

The rulebook can be purchased from



Naval Command – Ship Data Cards – Now Available!

New Ship Data cards are now available for Naval Command. These are designed to be printed out with each being roughly the size of a postcard. Each contains all of the data for each class of ship meaning that players wont need to keep referring back to the rulebook or fleet lists for ship data during the game.


Ship Data Cards (Modern British, USA and Russian)


Fireteam: Card Driven Activation

Recently I have played a number of wargames that use playing cards to determine activation order and initiative (black ops from Osprey being an good example). I have found that using a card draw system can add an extra level of uncertainty and tension to a game, which also simulates the “fog of war” of a battle situation. This post includes my own system for determining the order in which units are activate in my own Fireteam (Modern, Nam and WWII) rules.

Players will need one set of ordinary playing cards, shuffled well. I have found that the small sized  cards like those found in Christmas crackers work especially well as they can be placed on the gaming table beside a unit to mark that it has already being activated while not causing too much table clutter.

At the start of the game each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards. The remaining cards form the “activation deck”. Each player is assigned a colour (red or black). Cards are drawn from the activation deck one at a time. Each time a card is drawn the player who’s colour it is  may activate one unit/team.

Once both players have activated all the units in their force, the cards are returned to the activation deck and the deck is shuffled.

Any time that a card is drawn from the activation deck the opposing player may use one of the cards in their hand to “beat” it. In order to beat a card a player must play a card from their hand with a higher value (aces are high and colour does not matter). If the card beats the activation card the player may activate one of their units instead. The other player may also counter the card by using a higher value card from their own hand. The cards in a players hand are not replaced at any time during the game.