Target Locked On!

Wargame Rules for Modern Air Combat

Target Locked On! is a set of miniature wargame rules designed to play air combat engagements from the cold war, modern day or near future with jet aircraft. The rules are designed to be simple, fast and most importantly fun to play.


The game is designed to be played with between one and ten aircraft per side. More can be used however the speed of the game will slow down and an air battle will take longer to play.


Purchase the Rules

The rules are available to purchase from the WargameVault.



Print-friendly Pdf Aircraft Control Cards for the game are available here.

Maneuvering templates can be downloaded here.

Additional aircraft list vol.1 is available here.

Aircraft Data

Aircraft data lists for the Korean War and Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Aircraft

Korean War Aircraft

After Action Reports

Migs in the Desert

Target Locked-On! – AAR