Small Unit Skirmish Rules

Fireteam is a set of small unit skirmish rules for  modern combined arms land combat using 15-28mm scale miniatures.


These rules have been designed to work with opposing forces of approximately platoon size with additional reinforcements such as small numbers of armoured vehicles and light artillery support.

Each PDF contains the all of the core rules required to play the game plus the following army lists:

  • Modern British
  • Modern USA
  • Modern Russian
  • Generic Middle Eastern Armies
  • Generic Insurgents


Purchase the  Fireteam Rules

Fireteam:Modern – Rules for fighting modern and near future conflicts. Available Here.

A quick reference sheet is available here


Army Lists

The following army lists will soon be available from WargameVault. Each list provides details of units, vehicles, aircraft and weapons as well as force organization.

  • Fireteam: Vietnam
  • Fireteam: Third World War
  • Fireteam: Iraq
  • Fireteam: Afghanistan

Fireteam:WWII (Coming Soon!)

Currently in production this new version of Fireteam takes the successful rule system of Fireteam:Modern and applies some small changes to fit the era of the Second World War.