Europe 1944 Mini Campaign Pt. 2

Another excellent game at my local club!

Williton Gamers

by Dave Gardner

AAR Wednesday 13th
March 2019

Battle 2 was the ‘Probe’ scenario, fought over a mixed terrain map which included 3 centrally located buildings, a road running across the battlefield, fields and wooded areas.

Table setup for game of Chain of Command, 13/03/19
Terrain setup

Support Options were chosen. The campaign said for this scenario that the Germans, as the attacker, had 25 support points. The Brits, as the defender got support 10 points plus their defensive FM difference of 3 support points to be used on lists 1-3

Ivan chose for the Germans:

2x Regular Infantry

1 Panzer IV G/H

1 StuH 42

1 Senior Leader

Colin Chose for the British

1x 17 pounder Anti Tank Gun

1x Vickers MMG

He also brought with his 3 points from lists 1 – 3

1x Adjutant

2x Enchantments

Ivan had his Panzer III Flamm and a 250 Recon team that followed on from the last battle…

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Naval Command: South China Sea Skirmish

This weekend i had a bit of free time so decided to play a quick scenario with 2 Royal Navy ships engaging hostile Chinese forces somewhere in the south China sea. The game (that i played solo) turned out to be a short, sharp and bloody engagement.

Royal Navy – United Kingdom

  • HMS Daring -Type 45 Destroyer
  • HMS Norfolk – Type 23 Frigate

Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) – China

  • Qingdao – Type 052 “Luhu” Class Destroyer
  • Jinan – Type 051 “Luda” Class Destroyer
  • Jinan – Type 051 “Luda” Class Destroyer
  • Nanjing- Type 051 “Luda” Class Destroyer

Turn 1
The RN battlegroup began to sail towards the island chain, the PLAN meanwhile maintained their positions.

Turn 2
While still approaching the islands Daring launched its Merlin helicopter which headed for the Chinese contacts beyond the islands.

Turn 3
One of the PLAN destroyers managed to detect the approaching helicopter although it was out of range of its air defences. The Merlin also made a successful detection roll however its target was revealed to be a decoy. Meanwhile Norfolk launched its lynx to scout out the enemy ships. Qingdao also launched a helicopter that scouted further north to avoid the British helicopters approaching from the south.

Turn 4
HMS Daring switched on its powerful active radar and quickly shot down the approaching Chinese helicopter, too late however to avoid being detected itself. Meanwhile the Lynx detects the Jinan. Daring fires 4 Harpoon SSMs, only 1 manages to lock on (the daring was unable to use its radar to guide the missiles due to the intervening islands). The missile hits and causes light damage, including knocking out the destroyers HQ-7 SAM system.

Turn 5
Qingdao reveals itself by firing its full load of 16 SSMs at HMS Daring. 6 lock on, 1 is shot down at intermediate range by Darings Sea Viper missiles and a further 2 are taken down by its AA guns and Phalanx CIWS. Norfolk reveals itself by firing its Seawolf missiles to protect Daring and shoots down another missile. The remaining 2 missiles slam into Daring causing a light damage and a heavy damage, essentially putting the ship out of the game.

In response HMS Norfolk launches its 8 Harpoon SSMs at the Qingdao. 3 lock on, Qingdao shoots down 1 with its air defences but 2 hit, causing light damage results, effectively a heavy damage also putting the ship out of action.

At this point with both battlegroups having lost their most powerful vessels, both decided to withdraw from the area.

Happy New Year 2019

I know this post is a it late, considering that its already halfway through January, but I’ve only just recovered from the chaos that is Christmas and new year! 2018 was a busy year in which I didn’t get as much done on the game side of things as I would have hoped. This post will outline that I plan to work on and hopefully publish in 2019.

First on my “to-do ” list is  to complete work on my Falklands war supplement for Naval Command. This will include background information, scenarios, ship data and a campaign system for use with Naval Command. This will be availiable as a supplement from WargameVault.

I then plan to get to work on producing additional army lists for both Armoured Strike and Fireteam Modern as well as scenarios and campaign ideas. Most of these will be published as articles on this website.

That is all that I am planning to produce this year s I want to spend the rest of my time playing games and making improvements to all of my currently published sets of rules  and answer queries and suggestions from players.

All that is left to say is that I hope you all have an excellent year with plenty of good dice rolls!!

Naval Command Fleet Lists

The following fleet lists detailing ship, aircraft and weapon data are now available as free Pdf downloads.

  • Soviet Navy and Navy of the Russian Federation
  • Royal Navy of the United Kingdom
  • United States Navy
  • Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Navy
  • French Navy
  • Argentine Navy
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • German Navy
  • Italian Navy
  • Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force
  • Spanish Navy
  • Royal Thai Navy
  • Royal Canadian Navy


Soviet Ekranoplans in Naval Command

During the 1960s Soviet ship designers such as Rostislav Alexeyev began work on a number of military ground-effect vehicles (GEV). These vehicles resembling a cross between a ship and a jet aeroplane were designed to attain sustained high-speed  flight over a level surface (usually over the sea) by making use of ground effect, the aerodynamic interaction between the wings of the craft and the surface.

When first spotted by US aerial spy photography these strange vehicles caused widespread confusion and fear throughout the intelligence services. One Ekranoplan with the markings “KM” visible on the aerial photographs was even nicknamed the “Kaspian Monster”


An artists impression of the “Caspian Sea Monster”

These can be used in the game of Naval Command to create hypothetical scenarios in which NATO forces encounter these strange and highly classified vehicles.

In the game, for the purposes of combat these are treated as maritime patrol aircraft and can be targeted with anti-aircraft weapons. For detection however they are classed as surface ships although a -1 modifier is applied to all detection rolls, this is to represent the confusion that this type of vessel would cause to RADAR operators as it would show on their screens as a surface target but will be moving at too fast a speed.


The dilapidated remains of a Bartini Beriev VVA-14 Ekranoplan

The following are game characteristics for a selection of Soviet Ekranoplans. Note that some of the weapon loads are hypothetical as most of these vehicles ever entered active service.




MD-160, the sole completed Lun-class ekranoplan